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  • Текст песни EASTER - Smar

    Просмотров: 187
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    Тут находится текст песни EASTER - Smar, а также перевод, видео и клип.

    u been pruning your life away on this one
    skinny bitches

    in ur foreign car
    u look like a smar
    i just dropped my jaw
    u collected art

    i lifted this shirt
    thought it make u squirt
    did not really work
    u dont wanna fuck

    sidewalk by the bar
    if i had a heart
    pull me by my fez
    u can make it far

    hard to let u be
    is this u and me
    can u take the stream
    maybe i must pee

    a and s m r
    finger in the jar
    lover got guitar
    plectrum in your scar

    so u leave my town
    never come around
    might write u a mail
    sad i let u down

    drinking out loud at it
    speaking up street at it
    u like me to stay put at it
    but no, i need a new hit

    something not far from this
    stretching out for ur clit
    opening with gin fizz
    ending like this kiss kiss

    see u every month
    when u pay up front
    if i light your joint
    u will suck my blunt

    feast in ur garage
    yeast on your fromage
    piss on your sitar
    dick in your cigar

    puke in your veyron
    sperm on your lancome
    fist in your salon
    hair on your bonbon

    hard for u to rise
    someone gave u lice
    something smells like bice
    in between your thighs

    fingers up your nose
    u are one of those
    sliming over hoes
    prada at your show

    winestains on your mac
    semen in your crack
    dandruff on your back
    someone stole your jack


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