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  • Текст песни Ease Of Disgust - Constructed

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    Тут находится текст песни Ease Of Disgust - Constructed, а также перевод, видео и клип.

    I see one more
    Empty shell with no esteem
    Who breathes and walks
    And forms our new society
    I see a spineless slave under control
    The same like legions of ignorant clones

    Look into my eyes and tell me

    Can you remember who the fuck you are
    So-called human being with artificial mind
    Can you remember the white light in front of your eyes
    When they just turned you on
    When they were playing gods

    Where`s your life?
    What`s the point of your existence here?
    You were constructed
    Where`s your soul?
    What makes you an identity?
    You were constructed

    What do you know
    About the new skin
    Sewn to you
    Upon your scars
    How it`s like
    To be assembled
    Instead of being alive

    You`re smiling
    With bleeding stabwounds
    With severe bruises
    With mouth full of blood
    But bleeding
    Still doesn`t make you a human
    Until you`re a toy
    In the hands of your gods

    Who gave you all that you`ve got but your own life

    Who made you all
    Who bred your genes
    Who webbed your tissues
    And strained your skin

    They crushed down your integrity
    Pushing it through
    They deprived you of will power
    They just had you


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