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  • Текст песни GG Allin - I Love Nothing

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    Тут находится текст песни GG Allin - I Love Nothing, а также перевод, видео и клип.

    I'm a cold motherfucker that nothing will hitch
    I was a fetus infected son of a bitch
    People and possessions only slow me down
    I'm on a burning bridge
    You're in my way you're going down...down

    I love nothing, nobody, nowhere
    I love nothing, nobody, nowhere

    I'm only gonna tell you what I want you to know
    But when the shit goes down you're gonna be my blows
    Don't candy ass me with your cars and clothes
    I should've cut your throat as the relation grows


    You say you want more well I'll tell you this
    I love nothing so you better love this
    The dagger in my heart and my burning soul
    You ain't nothing to me but a dick suckin' hole


    All I need is a steel in my hand
    Just keep your eyes on the time bomb within
    Your social life, pretty things, security
    Will crumble to the ground if you fuck with me


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