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  • Текст песни KMFDM - Ready to Blow

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    Тут находится текст песни KMFDM - Ready to Blow, а также перевод, видео и клип.

    I can hardly breathe
    Lost and hopeless
    Down so low
    Something died inside
    I just can't believe it
    Violent tendancies
    Murder, madness
    Good gone bad
    Try to talk about it
    Nobody believes me

    Static in my head
    Lines blur red
    Got my mind made up
    And my trigger finger ready to blow
    Finger on the trigger I'm a barrel of a gun
    Ready to blow

    Life draws out of me
    Spent and broken
    All mixed up
    Crying out in vain
    Somebody release me
    Evil speaks to me
    Caustic rage I've no control
    A living hell of hate
    Sinister deceiving

    Out of my mind in this fucked up head
    I want everything that I never had
    A little something a reason why
    Ready to blow I'm ready to die
    Depart this world on a silver bullet
    I never believed I would ever pull it
    Now's the time, here's my show
    Ready to go I'm ready to blow

    Time stands still for me
    Black and blistered
    Drown my sleep
    Let thy will be done
    Make it out quick and easy

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