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  • Текст песни Lazy Wu - La Vida Loca

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    Тут находится текст песни Lazy Wu - La Vida Loca, а также перевод, видео и клип.

    Okaaaay! Welcome to the Lazy Wu shoooow, yeaaah!!!
    With me is very dark, and very cold, goddamn cоооold!

    I just know and you know
    That this will be a super blow
    For many fuckin' hoes
    I said, I just know and you know

    [Verse 1 - Lazy Wu]
    Like this, I'll tell you what is hidden under the guise
    Time has passed, there is not trust, only the price
    I will follow the rules of the game, very nice
    When the bullets run out, I will give ya on the head with own size
    Someone hides dirt for clever and true expressions
    At a fuckin' pace I didn't have the fuckin' patience
    I just make music only for the nation
    (only for the nation)
    Sometimes it looks like a friendly conversation
    How much can you be kind and endure shit
    I just know it was the end of that bitch
    It's my cross, my only Vida Loca
    Even if sometimes I was blind as a Miraluka

    One two three
    I show the sense
    Meet real Lazy
    You wanna be
    Motherfucker youngster, just like me
    You can see and they can see
    I put a the my babe in a crib
    And in a 1 minute you will be sick
    I'll be among the first to fuck chicks
    As for you, you're number 6

    [Verse 2 - Lazy Wu]
    But i feel like the smell of hard horror
    No wonder, cuz I turn into a night-surgeon
    Scalpel, mask and a lantern - you remember?
    You have nothing to remember (UHH!) I dismember!
    As said Nathan - medical impostor
    Don't makes anesthetic, you begin to recognize the horror
    Night murder, i'm surgeon, which doesn't serve ya
    Close your eyes, and I will act on inertia
    Good rapper must to be an actor (actor)
    If you feel this homie, let's go! (let's go!)
    Look above down at the dirty hoes (yeah, hoes)
    They chose instead a good work free blowjob

    [Verse 3 - Lazy Wu]
    Hands on the clock begin to drop
    And rise again - please arrows stop!
    Mayan tried to warn us, but
    I'm telling you the crowd, yeah put ya hands up
    I wanna go back with the current brain
    All the secrets are no longer a key,
    I say it's just a gloating game
    Where the role is not a talent and fame
    Your tired brain trying to digest the information
    It's a will be more terrible than the film "Destination"
    No one will know about my intentions
    And you know why, babe? Now Attention!
    I zombify you this song and it will do you like
    You, exactly you, will listen to her it every night
    The eye has a bright light, suffers your sight
    And then you feel crum that it's time to fuckin' die!

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