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  • Текст песни The Jazz Crusaders feat. Randy Crowford - Street Life

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    Тут находится текст песни The Jazz Crusaders feat. Randy Crowford - Street Life, а также перевод, видео и клип.

    I still hang around neither lost nor found
    Hear the lonely sound of music in the night
    Nights are always bright
    That's all that's left for me, yeah

    I play the street life
    Because there's no place I can go
    Street life
    And it's the only life I know
    Street life
    And there's a thousand parts to play
    Street life
    Until you play your life away
    You let the people see
    Just who you want to be
    And every night you shine
    just like a super star
    That's how the life is played
    A ten cent Masquerade
    You dress, and walk, and talk
    you're who you think you are

    Street life
    You can run away from time
    Street life
    For a nickel and a dime
    Street life
    But you better not get old
    Street life
    Or you're gonna feel the cold

    There's always love for sale
    A grown-up fairy tale
    Prince charming always smiles
    behind a silver spoon
    And if you keep it young
    Your song is always sung
    Your love will pay your way
    beneath the silver moon


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