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  • Текст песни Д.Дри . Снуп Дог - Смок Вид еври дэй тарара

    Просмотров: 1674
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    Тут находится текст песни Д.Дри . Снуп Дог - Смок Вид еври дэй тарара, а также перевод, видео и клип.

    (Snoop Dogg)
    It's the motherfuckin D-O-double-G (SNOOP DOGG!)
    You know I'm mobbin with the D.R.E.
    You know who's back up in this MOTHERFUCKER!)
    What what what what?
    (So blaze the weed up then!)
    Blaze it up, blaze it up!
    (Just blaze that shit up nigga, yeah, 'sup Snoop??)

    Top Dogg, bite me all, nigga burn the shit up
    D-P-G-C my nigga turn that shit up
    C-P-T, L-B-C, yeah we hookin back up
    And when they bang this in the club baby you got to get up
    Thug niggaz drug dealers yeah they givin it up
    Lowlife, yo' life, boy we livin it up
    Takin chances while we dancin in the party fo' sho'
    Slip my hoe a forty-fo' and she got in the back do'
    Bitches lookin at me strange but you know I don't care
    Step up in this motherfucker just a-swangin my hair
    Bitch quit talkin, quick walk if you down with the set
    Take a bullet with some dick and take this dope from this jet
    Out of town, put it down for the Father of Rap
    And if yo' ass get cracked, bitch shut yo' trap
    Come back, get back, that's the part of success
    If you believe in the X you'll be relievin your stress

    (Snoop) La-da-da-da-dahh
    (Dre) It's the motherfuckin D.R.E. (Dr. Dre MOTHERFUCKER!)
    (Snoop) La-da-da-da-dahhh
    (Dre) You know I'm mobbin with the D-O-double-G

    (Dr. Dre)
    Straight off the fuckin streets of C-P-T
    King of the beats you ride to em in your Fleet (Fleetwood)
    or Coupe DeVille rollin on dubs
    How you feelin whoopty=whoop nigga whut?
    Dre and Snoop chronic'ed out in the 'llac
    with Doc in the back, sippin on 'gnac (yeah)
    Clip in the strap, dippin through hoods (what hoods?)
    Compton, Long Beach, Inglewood!
    South Central out to the Westside (wessyde)
    It's California Love, this California bud got a nigga gang of pub
    I'm on one, I might bail up in the Century Club
    with my jeans on, and my team strong
    Get my drink on, and my smoke on
    Then go home with, somethin to poke on (whassup bitch?)
    Loc it's on for the two-triple-oh
    Comin real, it's the next episode...

    (Nate Dogg)
    Hold up, heyyyyyyyy
    for my niggaz who be thinkin we soft
    We don't, playyyyyyy
    We gon' rock it til the wheels fall off
    Hold up, heyyyyyyyy
    for my niggaz who be actin too bold
    Take a, seeaaaaaat
    Hope you ready for the next episode
    .... smoke weed everday!

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