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  • Текст песни Bad Seed - Swallowing Knives

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    Тут находится текст песни Bad Seed - Swallowing Knives, а также перевод, видео и клип.

    You left me down. You left me out. You can't save something once it burns to the ground. So fucking young with no place to hide. It's like you disappeared and I was swept aside. As time took it's toll, we grew further apart as we both got old. Time to pick up the pieces. How does it feel? This time you can't leave this. For once in your life, take your own advice. When I'm talking to you it feels like I'm swallowing knives. Held so high in everyone else's eyes but I was left for dead so I changed my mind. Now those words you speak no longer carry weight. Since you turned off the lights, I see in shades of gray. I'm feeling lost, feeling cold to the touch. It's impossible to breath with the casket nailed shut. Scratch the surface. Your words aren't even skin deep. A single drop of water can displace an entire sea. My life's only regret but you can't miss what you forget.


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