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  • Текст песни Garth Brooks - God Rest Ye Merry, Gentleman

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    Тут находится текст песни Garth Brooks - God Rest Ye Merry, Gentleman, а также перевод, видео и клип.

    God rest you merry, gentlemen,
    Let nothing you dismay,
    For Jesus Christ our Saviour
    Was born upon this day,
    To save us all from Satan's power
    When we were gone astray:
    O tidings of comfort and joy,
    comfort and joy,
    O tidings of comfort and joy.
    In Bethlehem, in Israel,
    This blessèd Babe was born,
    And laid within a manger
    Upon this blessèd morn,
    The which His Mother Mary
    Did nothing take in scorn:
    O tidings ...
    From God our heavenly Father
    A blessèd angel came,
    And unto certain shepherds
    Brought tidings of the same,
    How that in Bethlehem was born
    The Son of God by name:
    O tidings ...
    The shepherds at those tidings
    Rejoicèd much in mind,
    And left their flocks a-feeding
    In tempest, storm and wind,
    And went to Bethlehem straightway,
    This blessèd Babe to find:
    O tidings ...
    But when to Bethlehem they came,
    Whereat this Infant lay,
    They found Him in a manger,
    Where oxen feed on hay;
    His mother Mary kneeling,
    Unto the Lord did pray:
    O tidings ...
    Now to the Lord sing praises,
    All you within this place,
    And with true love and brotherhood
    Each other now embrace;
    This holy tide of Christmas
    All others doth deface
    O tidings ...


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