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  • Текст песни Revolt On The RedStreet - Leave Me Alone

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    Тут находится текст песни Revolt On The RedStreet - Leave Me Alone, а также перевод, видео и клип.

    The majority lie to themselfs
    Trying to match up to existence
    And I'm ready to help
    But they don't wanna listen

    But I don't give a damn
    Now there is nothing to stop me
    And I know you don't care
    So don't ask me anything

    I'm ready to go
    Here are
    Three parting shots

    (Leave me alone)
    I'm fed up with your mind
    (Leave me alone)
    Fuck, you are all so blind
    (Leave me alone)
    I don't need your bad world
    (Leave me alone)

    (Leave me alone)
    Goodbye, my work is done
    (Leave me alone)
    Oh, I wont ever come
    (Leave me alone)
    Just maybe I am wrong
    The bird has flown
    Leave me alone!

    Have you heard? I'm self-assured!
    Have you heard? I'm fine without you!
    I have found my cure
    Of your stupid lessons of life view

    And I don't need your words
    Because your reasonings don't matter
    They all look like absurd
    Not far have stepped my actions


    Take it away
    There's nothing to say
    Now I'm gone!
    Leave me alone!

    I said goodbye
    It is not a lie
    I'm on my own!
    Leave me alone!


    I will remember you
    (Leave me alone)
    Because you're always around me
    (Leave me alone)
    You showed me your bad lifeway
    (Leave me alone)

    The bird has flown
    This way is long
    Leave me alone!

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