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  • Текст песни Shahmen - Story

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    Тут находится текст песни Shahmen - Story, а также перевод, видео и клип.

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    [the text:]
    Sunrise the grind starts to make bank
    Sun sets to drive home on an empty tank
    The in between just gets lost in puffing dank
    Jean-Michel Basquiat that I don't touch the paint
    22 years here in the shell now
    (Time is right, yeah I'm breaking out the cell now)
    And I'll admit that I crack the whip, but I ain't even make half the shit
    I just sit back, get high, laugh and trip
    The baddest bitch, keeps staring me right in my eyes
    And I'm telling her I don't have the time
    She thinks that I'm lying, cause she ain't ever met one of my kind
    Never been so real on my life, all I do is the mic
    Singing like the siren on an island
    The brook calling me to write it, the face callin me inside it

    [Hook x2]
    My whole story is a song now, all the worry that would bark me down
    Turned to coverage like a godly crown, now I journey for the godly sound
    It's beyond all the law you found (nigga)

    [Bridge x2]
    The hole in my soul, void in my mind
    Drums gon' feel all my cries

    There's no holes left for me to hide in
    A lion in sight with a hunger for Zion
    I wonder at times what's behind all the science
    Hear the words chase for a taste of silence
    Pace through the wasteland, blaze 28 grams
    Wait for the fate to awaken up a caged man

    I was born by the beach in Southern California
    Grew up in a lake under the same sun Icarus was born from
    An angel built the city up on one lung, burned wings, no teeth
    Half a heart, one beat, but two feet
    See walking like Jesus over Galilee
    See, the blood loves the bone
    You will cry when you leave the sow
    Today we are the trees to grow
    Tomorrow we are weeds to pull
    Write the story, I can see it all
    With my name painted on the wall
    [And a?] crow follows on my call
    And on a wire, but I just don't fall

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