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  • Текст песни Shahmen - Luck

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    Тут находится текст песни Shahmen - Luck, а также перевод, видео и клип.

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    [the text:]
    If all it took was luck I would already be struck
    Yeah caught by the good life waiting to wake up
    But it's more like disaster born as a bastard
    Turned into king or the dreams that you're after

    These days have been crazed I've been raised
    In the city of angels that've been slayed
    Men played the children games with real guns
    Cops n' robbers and cowboys and Indians
    I survive to twenty-five in the sun
    Under the moon in the twilight with my hearts drum
    Beating the same beat my ancestors came from
    (And there is only one x2)
    I'll allow circles and peace pipes
    Greet a storyteller spelling out the key to life
    My shell's a gun now still I carry them
    And my spirit not the dirt that they're buried in
    I've grown very thin living off of bread and water
    Books, paintings, film and sex (and the marijuana)
    And the music that's been therapeutic for the trauma
    My songs bring me clarity they also make me wander
    Now I'm standing in the London fog
    I think I Lost Angeles and I smell the smog
    My mind drifts to Amsterdam I see the dawn
    I'm in my beach house in Cape Town then flash it's gone

    Rats n' mice with wings circle above
    Pigeon or dove, who even really gives a fuck?
    The names that you call for it all
    Hear me grunt about the things I saw (I can still see em')
    A careful widening rings a being
    Been feeding on the hardwood floor
    About to kiss the ceiling
    I'm sick of kneeling I need a prayer I can walk through
    Into the house built from everything I thought I ruined
    If this the house where the couch at?
    Try'na smoke a sack and write raps
    Cut an opening above where the mics at
    But sunlight slips right past
    I wrote the illest shit you've never heard
    Then left it in the street as an offering
    Underneath the wing of a dead bird
    Gemini be the shepherd and the herd
    Both sides, deep down in the same spine
    Should've fallen by the waist side
    But I crawled out bass side
    I spit wine through the grape vine
    Here's the hope that my faith dies
    I see the rope that it hangs by


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